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A Guide on Senior Fall Prevention at Home


As the leading provider of home care services in Massachusetts, we have experience in dealing with falls in seniors. Let us share our expertise to help you reduce your risk of falls at home.

In locations that get excessively dark at night, install extra lighting fixtures. Do frequent eye exams to maintain your vision and update your prescription glasses. One strategy to prevent falls is to have good eyesight.

Investment in safety equipment like grab bars, handrails, and poles, particularly for your bathroom, is a good choice. Non-slip mats, elevated toilet seats, and shower chairs are a few more safety accessories you might include. Use walkers if you require assistance to remain steady.

Remember to exercise frequently. Maintaining your strength, flexibility, and balance may all be aided by regular exercise. Discuss the appropriate routine for you with your physician or physical therapist.

Your risk of falling might be decreased with the assistance of a home health aide because you will have someone to watch over you as they take care of your needs and offer support. They will put your safety, comfort, and health first.

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