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Senior Care Tip: Avoiding Senior Care Mistakes


The reason we visit a doctor is to obtain competent advice, to have them tell us what’s wrong and how we can fix it to achieve optimal wellness. But can we always rely on the doctor to provide the “right” answer?

If we aren’t careful, the underlying premise that the doctor knows best can get us into a lot of difficulties. Doctors are highly educated in medicine and work hard to stay current on new medications and medical procedures. However, most doctors are neither qualified nor knowledgeable about community resources such as home care services in Massachusetts. So, when it comes to assigning someone to an appropriate care community, such as skilled nursing or assisted living, they may be unaware of what happens to them once they fill out the documents ordering these resources.
Skilled Nursing is a distinct degree of care from Assisted Living. Skilled Nursing is the highest degree of care available outside of a hospital, with 24-hour nursing care and a doctor overseeing each patient’s treatment.

Doctors are intelligent people who entered medicine to serve others. Their medical training, on the other hand, is focused on treating the patient rather than on community resources that are available after the patient leaves the office or hospital. And once they start practicing medicine, they are overworked.
Doctors cannot be expected to know everything. If you or a loved one requires more elderly care, you should not rely just on the doctor. Pose inquiries. You should speak up for yourself and your loved ones.

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